The Institute for Principle Studies was founded in 2005 as a research and educational organization that provides a Christian alternative to the many well-established secular think-tanks.




Although there are hundreds of think-tanks, even some with a conservative perspective, there are very few organizations seeking to do research, analysis, and teaching from a biblical perspective.  It is this void that the Institute for Principle Studies works to fill.

What We Do


With precious few exceptions, the Christian community has retreated from intellectual rigor in its approach to difficult issues.  IPS fills this gap by providing biblically principled thought and the quality research necessary to support it.


IPS centralizes its instruction on principles relating to the three God-ordained institutions of family government, church government, and civil government; while at the same time teaching about the biblical basis for the free market economic system.


Through speech and debate and small group discussions, IPS is preparing the next generation of leaders to be impactful advocates for Christ and liberty.  By equipping them with the dynamic skills of speech, logic, reasoning and persuasion, these young leaders will be prepared to change the world.

How We Do It

Classes, Conferences, & Seminars

  • IPS has a range of teaching formats and topics that are designed for adults and teens, and cover everything from evolution to elections and economics.

  • These programs expose students to a view of civics, history, and economics that cannot be found in the classroom or the media.

Facilitation of high school speech and debate

  • Through the activity of academic debate, students gain an interest in government and public policy.
  • Along with the invaluable skills of research, logic, and speaking, we work hard to expose these students to thinking that is both principled and biblical.

teacher education

  • The classroom of today is the world of tomorrow.
  • Training and influencing teachers is one way that we impact our world.

pastoral education

  • Since many of the principles that IPS teaches originate in the Bible, it is important that our churches be able to effectively teach these essential principles.
  • By meeting with pastors, hosting classes and events insides churches, providing insight, and recommending materials, IPS helps pastors understand the biblical role of government.

publishing and other media

  • Through books, magazines, newsletters, curriculum, and the internet, IPS works to influence and educate our society and its leaders.
  • Rather than producing copious amounts of sound-bites, IPS develops deep, well-reasoned materials that last.

Training parents and home-schooled students

  • Change doesn’t begin in the White House, but in each individual’s house.
  • IPS continues to teach and support these dedicated families with seminars and materials.