Vaccine Mandate Resources

A lot has been circulating in the news, among companies, and throughout the military about the issue of mandatory vaccination.  Within the last two months, we’ve received a substantial amount of questions about this issue.

We’ve been responding to these individual questions in part, but now we’ve compiled a working list of resources to aid anyone facing mandatory vaccination.

This is not an exhaustive list, but it provides a few starting points as well as groups to contact for legal help.

Articles/PDFsAudio/VideoSample ExemptionsLegal Help
COVID Vaccines and Fetal Cells: What’s Ethical and What Isn’t?FDA Does a ‘Bait and Switch’ with COVID ShotsReligious Exemption Request from the COVID-19 VaccinePacific Justice Institute
Some Moral Principles in the Use of VaccinationsWhen Christians Disagree about Beliefs and ActionsCREC Religious Exemption StatementAlliance Defending Freedom
Immunizations and Chemoprophylaxis for the Prevention of Infectious Diseases*Latest COVID-19 Requirements (PJI Zoom Call 8/26/21)Letter Requesting Exemption from Covid-19 Injection for Conscientiously-held Religious BeliefLiberty Counsel
Free COVID Vaccine ResourcesThomas More Law Center
American Center for Law and Justice
*For military reference, specifically section 2-6
Last Updated 9/17/2021

This page will continue to be updated with additional resources as we come across other helpful links

The button above links to an essay addressing the Biblical, historical, and legal aspects of vaccine mandates. In addition to the principle argument, some practical advice will be posted separately.