This is the class page for registrants of the Biblical Principles of Government class taking place at Big Valley Grace Community Church from August 10 – October 12, 2017.

Here you will find the raw audio and video of each week’s lecture, which will usually be uploaded on Fridays (for audio) and Mondays (for video).

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The overhead slides that appear in class are not shown in the video, and the sound volume is low.

Reading Assignment

For week 2, please read sections 3.1 through 3.6 in your study guide.

Bonus Article

"Why Conservatives and Christians Lose Elections"

Question of the Week

Is the Christian obligated to obey the government?
Are there conditions? And if so, what?

Next Class: August 24 @ 7pm

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Week One: 1.1-2.4
Week One: If our rights come from God, can we voluntarily give them up? If so, what does this imply?