Mike Working on Book

For the month of October, IPS President, Mike Winther, is striving to make progress on an important project. 

Mike has dabbled on and off over the years with the idea of writing a book.  He’s even begun some of the writing.  However, life has gotten in the way.  Whether it’s work, family or the “tyranny of the urgent”, important (non-time sensitive) projects tend to get crowded out.

Last year, Mike had the impetus to make a serious dent in his book project.  But for a number of reasons (including Covid), the timing wasn’t right. Fast forward to 2021, and the project is now underway.

Mike could really use your prayer during this time frame–as well as your support. Mike has heard of other ministry leaders and clergyman who have taken sabbaticals to write a book or accomplish some other significant feat.  But upon their return, the fruit of their labor didn’t meet their expectations.

Please pray for Mike to have clarity of thought and wisdom in his writing.  And that when November rolls around, he’ll have a significant portion written that articulately defines the proper role of government.

Lastly, please also pray for the IPS ministry as a whole as we seek to glorify God and serve others with the message of biblically-based government.  Our society is in desperate need of what it means (and looks like) to govern according to God’s Law.  Until we as a nation protect the God-given rights of our neighbor and enact God’s definition of justice, we are naive to expect God’s blessing upon our land.  Reformation and revival must take precedent.  May the book Mike is embarking on help, in some small fashion, to this end.

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Sep 29 2021 - Oct 31 2021