The IPS Honor Society is a discussion-oriented program for high school students and young adults. This program is designed to lay sound foundations reinforcing them with logic, evidence, and debate.

The IPS Honor Society is composed of a series of modules called, Principle Oriented Discussions (or POD’s for short).  Each POD focuses on a particular area of the Christian worldview (e.g., government, economics, apologetic, etc.).

POD groups generally meet once each week and start with a video presentation or lecture followed by high-level discussion designed to challenge and stretch the student.  After instruction and dialogue, students use the power of the written word by producing a paper in which they synthesize their instruction, their discussion, and their conclusions.

POD modules vary in length from 5-13 weeks.  There are also one-time seminars and conferences as part of the program.  Although students can participate in any number of modules, attainment of honor society status requires successful completion of at least six PODs.

Some of the modules (PODs) include:

  • The Truth Project from Focus on the Family (13 weeks)
  • Biblical Principles of Government by IPS (10 weeks)
  • Poverty Cure from the Acton Institute (6 weeks)
  • Foundation of the U.S. Constitution by IPS (5 weeks)
  • Multiple Subject Package (5 documentaries on different subjects through 5 weeks, including: evolution, education, gun control, and monetary policy.)
  • Senior Seminar with IPS President, Mike Winther, featuring selected readings and round-table discussion (8 weeks)

Note:  Participation in the “Senior Seminar” requires successful completion of at least 5 PODs.

To enroll in the IPS Honor Society, email Steven Butner and request the Honor Society application and enrollment form.  There is a one-time program enrollment fee of $50 (this fee is waived for Modesto Debate students).  There are also additional costs which vary, but will range from $10 – $50 per POD.

“The world will challenge our students…and many will not withstand the challenge.”