Why Give To IPS?

We Must Not Sit On The Sidelines

Our world is beset with battles over philosophy, doctrine, politics, economics, and education.  If we have truth, it is wrong to withhold that truth.  It is also wrong not to work diligently to communicate that truth.

The principles that IPS teaches and promotes are not just academic concerns.  These principles have a substantial impact on our families and world.  Hundreds of millions of people will suffer and millions will die this year because wrong ideas about government and economics are being taught and believed.  We cannot just stand and watch.

IPS Has The Foundational Truth

If you have read our publications or attended one of our classes or seminars, you know that IPS has a unique and powerful message. Who else is teaching these exciting fundamental principles?  Who else is painting the big picture by weaving principled truth through government, economics, history and theology?

We Must Compete For Hearts & Minds

Our ideological opponents are spending billions of dollars to teach and promote their philosophies.  The question is this: “How much are we willing to spend to counter these efforts?”

Will we give as much as we spend at Starbucks?  Or on cable TV? What about a car payment? Or will we assume that someone else will give?

Although we ought to be willing to give sacrificially, it is actually a pleasure and a blessing to invest time and money into a great work.

IPS Has The Opportunities

We have been blessed with ample opportunities to promote our message. In fact, we have more opportunities than resources.  This is why we really need your help.

Please join us in the mission to reform our nation based on biblical principles by contributing below.

I’m Convinced, What Do I Do?

  • Decide Frequency

    You can choose to make a one-time contribution or give on a regular basis (monthly or quarterly).

  • Decide Amount

    Every partnership, regardless of the amount, is valued and appreciated.

  • Decide Method

    You can give by check, securely online using a debit/credit card, or by using bill pay through your banking institution.

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Continuous Support Circle

3 Reasons to Become a CSC

Least Overhead

Fundraising takes time.  Every hour that we spend fundraising is an hour that is not devoted to writing, teaching, or promoting the message of liberty and truth.  Fundraising is a necessary and important part of the work of any non-profit organization, but you get more “bang for the buck” if we spend less time doing it.

Better Planning

Planning and budgeting are also much easier when an organization has a regular and dependable stream of revenue.  As we plan and strategize, we can do so more effectively when more of our income is predictable. CSC donors provide this predictable, higher yield revenue.

Easier Giving

Regular giving has benefits for our donors as well.  Some people prefer to make a larger one-time annual gift–and these are wonderful.  Giving out of a year-end bonus or other annual bounty is a great way to support IPS.  But for most of us, monthly giving is a great option.  Monthly giving can be a way to comfortably increase your annual support without feeling as much effect on the checkbook.

Whether you give monthly, quarterly or annually, your contribution supports the work of IPS, but we believe that these are some good reasons to consider becoming a CSC giver as you decide how you want to have an impact on society.

Contribute To IPS

"Good government is expensive, but bad government always costs more."

- Carole McFarlane, Director of Operations

Fill out this form to make your donation online.

Donate by Mail

Print out the IPS pledge form, fill it out, and send it back.

Download Pledge Form

The Institute for Principle Studies is a registered 501(c)(3) charity. Federal Tax ID number: 20-3366904.
Contributions are tax-exempt to the fullest extent permitted by law.

Other ways to give

  • Contribute through Legacy Giving

    Several gift planning options are available. The right one for you depends on your particular circumstance. You may choose to give by including IPS in your will or trust, through your retirement plan, IRA, or life insurance, or through gifts that provide income and tax benefits.

  • Donate Gifts of Stock and Securities

    Gifts of individual stocks, mutual funds, or appreciated securities allow friends to generously support the IPS mission while receiving significant tax advantages at the same time.

  • Submit Employer Matching Gifts

    Find out if your employer will match your gifts to our outreach. You can double or even triple the impact of your support.

  • Contribute Gifts In-Kind

    We occasionally receive gifts such as automobiles, real estate, coins, jewelry, or other donated items of value.

  • Give while Shopping on Amazon or at Save Mart Supermarkets

    AmazonSmile and Save Mart Shares make it possible to shop and give at the same time.

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Each subcategory has information contained within the accordion.


Contact the IPS office at (209) 575-2005 with all inquiries regarding giving.

The battle for truth and liberty will last longer than most of us.  As we consider our legacy, we should consider how our financial resources might be used after we die. Giving a portion of your estate to the work of IPS can be an excellent way to leave a better world for your children and grandchildren.

There are dozens of ways to include IPS in your will or trust.  A few of the planned giving options include:

  • Gifts through wills
  • Asset-based gifts (real estate, securities)
  • Charitable gift annuities
  • Charitable IRA distributions
  • Gifts through family foundations
  • Life insurance
  • Payable on Death accounts
  • Revocable living trusts

We urge you to consider the benefits of leaving a portion of your estate to IPS for our future work.  This can be as simple as modifying your will to include the Institute for Principle Studies.  Just include our name, a dollar amount, and our Federal Tax ID# 20-3366904.  Of course, your tax advisor or estate planner can help you with a number of other options that can maximize the benefit to IPS, while avoiding taxes.

The task at hand is a big one.  The need to teach sound principles of government and economics will continue long after we are gone.  Let’s all consider leaving a legacy of liberty that will out-last us. Consider a gift to IPS that will produce benefits now and in eternity.

The information presented is not offered as legal or tax advice. You are urged to seek the advice of your tax advisor, attorney, and/or financial planner to make certain any gift you are considering fits well in your specific circumstances.

By donating shares of appreciated securities, you may realize significant tax benefits while making a sizeable contribution.

Gifts of individual stocks or mutual funds that have increased in value allow friends to generously support the IPS mission while receiving significant tax advantages at the same time. If you decide to gift securities you have held for more than one year, not only will you receive a charitable deduction for the full value of the shares on the date of transfer, but you will avoid paying capital gains tax on the appreciated value of the donated shares.

As the IRS has granted IPS charitable tax-exempt status, we are not required to pay taxes on the sale of securities we own. That means that your gift has maximum impact on all those who rely on our resources to mature in their understating of government.

Stock gifts can be easily made however you hold the shares – by certificate or by direct electronic transfer from your brokerage account. Should you decide to support IPS this way, we want to ensure a smooth transaction and process your gift accurately and in a timely fashion. To facilitate your gift, please contact us along with your financial advisor.

Many employers sponsor matching gift programs and will match any charitable contributions made by their employees.  This can be dollar for dollar or even as much as 4:1.

For most companies, it’s as simple as filling out a form. Some bigger companies outsource this function through other organizations, but the process is still easy to complete.

All you have to do is ask your employer if they match charitable contributions and then fill out the necessary paperwork. That’s it!

Your donations are now the most effective they can be by being doubled, tripled, or even quadrupled!

We occasionally receive gifts such as automobiles, real estate, coins, jewelry, or other donated items of value.

Please contact the IPS office when considering such a contribution.


Shop through AmazonSmile and 0.5% of your Amazon purchase price will be donated to IPS. You will enjoy the same Amazon website, prices, and shopping experience but will also be able to support IPS in the process.

To start using AmazonSmile:

  1. Login to your Amazon account at smile.amazon.com.
  2. Type in and select Institute for Principle Studies as your charitable organization.
  3. Start shopping. Amazon will then donate 0.5% of your purchase price to IPS. It’s that easy.

After your initial visit to AmazonSmile, the charity you have chosen will be saved in your Amazon account. Just remember to go to smile.amazon.com instead of amazon.com.


Save Mart Shares

IPS can earn up to 3% of your purchases at a Save Mart, Smart Foods, Food Maxx and Lucky Stores.  All you have to do is enter your phone number before you pay for your items.

It is so easy to use

Shop for your items and when you are ready to checkout, enter your phone number into the payment processor before you pay for your purchases.  That’s it!  To get started visit escrip.com/shares.

  1. If you are new to eScrip, click the “Sign Up” button. If you are already an eScrip supporter click “Add Phone/Card.”
  2. Enter 95354 as the zip code, then fill out your name, email, and password.
  3. Type in Institute for Principle Studies in the search bar.  You can also click on “advanced search” and type Modesto in the city bar, then hit search.
  4. Sign up for the new Shares program by registering your phone number or Save Smart Rewards Card with eScrip.
  5. Shop at Save Mart Supermarkets and provide your registered phone number or card at checkout.

Click on “Program Details and FAQs” to find out more.

How much of my purchase goes to IPS?

Up to 3% of your total purchases will be given to IPS.  You can login in to your eScrip account to see how much you are earning for IPS each month.  IPS receives a deposit monthly reflecting the total allocated amount earned from all Save Mart Shares partners.

What items are not eligible to earn points? 
Customers will not earn points on sales tax.  All discounts (senior and liquor) and coupons (manufacturer and store) or other promotional offers will be applied to the purchase prior to points being earned.  Points are accumulated after the discounts are applied. The system automatically determines the eligible items.

Non-income items will not be eligible such as:  postage stamps, all gift cards, ticketmaster, event tickets, BART & transportation tickets, money Orders & MoneyGrams, Lotto, charity icon sales, i.e. Shamrocks, fuel, check cashing fees, senior & liquor discounts and sales tax