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Biblical Principles of Government

Over 25 years in the making, IPS presents its flagship worldview course

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In this eye-opening yet challenging series, IPS President, Mike Winther, walks viewers through answering one fundamental question in the study of Scripture:

"What is the Proper (Biblical) Role of Government?"

This question lies at the heart of every political and economic debate.  And its lack of serious thought and study is a predominant reason for the turmoil in our day.  Moreover, the answers to this question set bright-lines (distinguishing markers) for legitimate and illegitimate government action.

If you've ever wondered what is right or wrong for government to do and not do, then you're in for the discipleship journey of a lifetime.  Because the answer to this question impacts the core fabric of society and your personal well-being.

Don't let the brevity of this question deceive you in its importance, and don't delay in finding out its answers.  The ramifications are profound and the knowledge life-changing.

Coronavirus Content

A key question amidst the novel Coronavirus outbreak is "what is the civil government's proper role?"  For a directory of the latest articles, audio, and video relating to this matter, check out IPS' COVID Central page.

COVID Central

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IPS is asking and answering the hard questions about what the proper role of government is and what it isn’t.

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Principle Approach

IPS addresses the ethical component first and foremost when evaluating government affairs and public policies.

Peruse our assortment of articles, audio, books, and videos to learn more about biblical principles relating to government.

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