Continuous Support Circle Donors

The importance of regular giving to IPS

Our Continuous Support Circle (CSC) is a group of IPS contributors who agree to support IPS on a regular basis—either monthly or quarterly.  They are the backbone of the organization providing us with the resources to change hearts and minds for the glory of God.

Why should you be a CSC contributor?

As an organization that teaches economic principles, we understand the beauty of efficiency.   Becoming a regular donor through our CSC program is an excellent way to give with the greatest efficiency – as it provides all the benefits listed below.

Efficiency & Least Overhead

Fundraising takes time.  Every hour that we spend fundraising is an hour that is not devoted to writing, teaching, or promoting our message.  Fundraising is a necessary and important part of the work of any non-profit organization, but our donors get more “bang for their buck” if we spend less time doing it.

Which organization would you rather give to?

  • An organization that spends 50% of its time fundraising, or
  • An organization that spends only 10% of its time fundraising?

The answer is obvious:  we all prefer to support the organization that has the least overhead… and fundraising effort is an overhead.

This is the reason why our monthly and quarterly donors are so important to IPS.  Your regular support is our lowest overhead and most efficient source of revenue.  This means that your dollars accomplish more than the dollars from most other sources.

Better Planning & Budgeting

Planning and budgeting are much easier when an organization has a regular and dependable stream of revenue.  As we plan and strategize, we can do so more effectively when more of our income is predictable. Our CSC donors provide this predictable revenue to IPS.

Easier giving

Regular giving has benefits for our donors as well.  Some people prefer to make a larger one-time annual gift–and these are wonderful.  Giving out of a year-end bonus or other annual bounty is a great way to support IPS.  But for most of us, monthly giving is a great option.  Monthly giving can be a way to comfortably increase your annual support without feeling as much effect on the checkbook.

Become a Continuous Support Circle Partner

Whether you give monthly, quarterly or annually, your contribution supports the work of IPS.  But we believe that these are some good reasons to consider becoming a CSC giver.