First Look 2019

A Topic Conference on the 2019-2020 Stoa Team Policy Debate Resolution!


This two day conference is an intensive First Look at the Stoa Team Policy Debate Resolution. Unlike a typical debate camp, there are no lectures on debate theory, no lab groups, and no practice rounds. The focus is on learning about the resolution. Our high class speakers provide this, from a variety of different perspectives, directly to students.

Preliminary Speaker Flyer


Conference Details

Friday & Saturday | August 16-17 | 9am-5pm each day

Ark Baptist Church
380 Montague Expressway
Milpitas, CA 95035

$150 per individual
$300 per family (two or more)

Our facility in conveniently located near 3 major airports!

  • Oakland International
  • San Jose International
  • San Francisco International

Head-knowledge, resources, and case ideas are the fruit of this concentrated, two day conference on the 2019-2020 Stoa Team Policy Debate Resolution.  Debaters at NITOC 2019 regularly quoted experts who spoke, in person, at last year’s First Look conference. This is your best opportunity to interact with experts on the monetary policy topic—experts who everyone will be quoting this debate season.  Don’t miss this chance to see and hear our nation’s experts clash on the monetary policy debate!


Past Speakers

On Agricultural, Transportation & Foreign Aid Policies
Doug Bandow - First Look 2018 Speaker

Doug Bandow, J.D.

Cato Institute Senior Fellow

Adrian Moore - First Look 2017 Speaker

Ravi Jayakaran, Ph.D.

President/CEO of Medical Ambassadors International

James Ahiakpor - First Look 2018 Speaker

James Ahiakpor, Ph.D.

Emeritus Professor of Economics CSU East Bay

Marieke Desmond - First Look 2018 Speaker

Marieke Desmond

Journalist & Writer

Randal O'Toole - First Look 2017 Speaker

Randal O'Toole

Cato Institute Senior Fellow

Adrian Moore - First Look 2017 Speaker

Adrian Moore, Ph.D.

Vice President of Policy at Reason Foundation

Ben Tripousis - First Look 2017 Speaker

Ben Tripousis

Northern California Regional Director for the California High Speed Rail Authority

Brian Marshall - First Look 2017 Speaker

Brian Marshall

Air Traffic Control Supervisor, Oakland International Airport

Greg Rehmke - First Look 2017 Speaker

Gregory Rehmke

Program Director of Economic Thinking

Mike Winther - First Look 2017 Speaker

Mike Winther

President of IPS

Greg Rehmke - First Look 2017 Speaker

Ninos Malek, Ph.D.

Professor of Economics at De Anza College

Daniel Sumner - First Look 2016 Speaker

Daniel Sumner

Director of the University of California Agricultural Issues Center

Vince Roos - First Look 2016 Speaker

Vince Roos, Ph.D.

Former Senior Policy Aide, Consultant, Professor & Farmer

Sam Keiper - First Look 2016 Speaker

Sam Keiper

President and CEO of DFA of California

Tom Jones - First Look 2016 Speaker

Tom Jones

Senior Director of Scientific and Analytical Services

Jeremiah Szabo - First Look 2016 Speaker

Jeremiah Szabo

Vice President of Operations for Safe Food Alliance

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