Continuous Support Circle

Promoting Biblically-Based Government Year-Round

The Continuous Support Circle (CSC) is a membership of IPS supporters who promote biblically-based government year-round by donating on a recurring basis—either monthly or quarterly.  CSC members minimize fundraising time and maximize teaching time 7 days-a-week, 365 days-a-year.

CSC members are the reason IPS has grown—and they’ll be the reason IPS continues to grow for years to come. Will you join this dedicated group to aid and support the mission of IPS in the most efficient, least expensive way?  You can join by completing the form below or by printing and mailing in the paper membership form, which includes two additional giving options.

Your membership in the Continuous Support Circle will help change hearts and minds to understand the Biblical role of government—which, in time, will reform, restore, and redeem our society.

  • Highest Efficiency

    >> thereby getting more "bang for your buck"

  • Least Overhead

    >> means more of your giving goes to projects

  • Better Planning & Budgeting

    >> enables IPS to wisely allocate resources

  • Convenient Giving Methods

    >> makes donating simple and hassle-free

  • Member-Only Benefits

    >> reward you for your outstanding commitment

The Priceless Benefits of Membership

Additional Options with Paper Form

CSC Membership Form
The paper form includes two alternative giving methods in addition to a debit or credit card.  These methods are EFT/ACH Withdrawals and Bill Pay/DAF Checks.


EFT/ACH Withdrawals

Electronic Fund Transfer (EFT) or ACH Debit allows you to set up recurring donations directly from your bank account. EFT avoids card processing fees, postage, envelopes, and expired or stolen card problems…making automatic bank withdrawals the easiest and cheapest option.

Credit/Debit Card Transactions

You can also set up recurring donations using your credit or debit card. There is a higher fee assessed than direct bank withdrawals (typically 3% of the donation value), but this option is still safe and secure, backed by a leading company in the industry.  IPS uses Stripe for  online payments.

Bill Pay/DAF Checks

The final way to automate recurring donations is by using the “bill pay” feature through your bank, or by directing grants through your Donor Advised Fund (DAF). With either option, your bank or DAF provider will mail IPS a physical check on your behalf according to your set frequency.