Modern American Bond-Servants

By Michael R. Winther, President of the Institute for Principle Studies As we go to the polls on this “Super Tuesday”, many of our ballots will include one or more bond measures.  As we ponder our votes, it is good to remember that bond measures are deficit spending.  All too often, Americans condemn debt and deficits, but then vote for … Read More

Abortion and Presumption

By Michael R. Winther, President of the Institute for Principle Studies Earlier this week, Alabama governor, Kay Ivey signed the Alabama Human Life Protection Act.  This law is a bold statement in the defense of human life.  A landslide of voices will attack and condemn the law–and those who supported it.  Much of this criticism will be based on phrases … Read More

Unknowingly Entrapping Ourselves

Unknowingly Entrapping Ourselves: Is there a danger in receiving government funding? PLEASE NOTE:  I want to make very clear from the outset that my goal in covering this topic is not to beat up on any particular ministry.  Instead, I simply want to showcase a real life example of what can happen—and the predicament you can get yourself into—when government … Read More

Abortion: Are We Making The Right Argument?

Abortion: Are We Making The Right Argument? In reading “The World View in 5 Minutes”, I came across a headline saying “New Mexican Doctors Might Be Coerced into Killing Unborn Babies”.  Naturally, I read the short news piece and at the end there was an appeal to sign a petition against the house bill in New Mexico promoting this evil.  … Read More

Public Education: sit out or pull out?

California Family Council, a Fresno-based nonprofit organization whose mission is to “advance God’s design for life, family, and liberty through California’s church, community, capitol, and culture”, is helping to promote a statewide public school sit out next week on behalf of Informed Parents of California in protest of highly graphic, state-mandated sex education and gender identity lessons in public schools.  … Read More

Timeless Voter Guide

Voter guides abound, but how many actually focus on the principles of the issues?  And how many are reusable year-after-year despite policy changes?  To expand on last week’s post, “To Vote or not to Vote?”, here is a timeless voter guide that will help you critically evaluate the upcoming local and statewide ballot initiatives.  While this timeless voter guide is … Read More

To Vote or not to Vote?

With state and local midterm elections next month, it seemed appropriate to address the issue of voting and its biggest misconception. Vote? We frequently see public service messages telling people to “get out and vote”.  It is not at all uncommon to hear radio talk show hosts tell us that the problems in our country are the result of voter … Read More

Is Harley-Davidson un-American?

Should a company be taxed extra just for not being “Made in USA”? President Donald Trump threatened the motorcycle company, Harley-Davidson, with unparalleled taxes should the company decide to move more of its production overseas. “A Harley-Davidson should never be built in another country—never!  The aura will be gone and they will be taxed like never before!” tweeted the President. … Read More

The Religion of Cake

Bakery Cakes, Religion and Slavery … In the summer of 2012 a Christian baker refused to provide a custom cake for a “gay” wedding.  Almost six years later, the case has finally received a Supreme Court ruling.  Many groups including some free speech advocates and religious liberty advocates have celebrated the bakery’s victory.  Unfortunately, both the media and our nation’s … Read More

169 Million Reasons NOT to Ban Guns

  169 Million Reasons NOT to Ban Guns In 1994, University of Hawaii Professor R.J. Rummel published an important scholarly work entitled, “Death By Government.”  This 400+ page work is a thorough treatment of his research on one category of death—what he calls democide.  Democide is defined as “the murder of any person or people by their government, including genocide, … Read More