In our modern world, we tend to analyze issues from a practical perspective.  This practical perspective cares very little about absolute truth, Biblical principles, or having a consistent perspective.  The practical (or pragmatic) view cares only about what may appear to work, not about what is right or wrong.  

Unfortunately, our society is crumbling from our unbridled pragmatism.  A return to principle is the path to restoration and it is this "principled path" that the Institute for Principle Studies researches and teaches.

The following journals, articles, audio, and videos will help you in your journey to develop a more consistent and principled worldview. Please take your time perusing our selection and enjoy the reading. If you have any comments or questions, please contact us.


Principle Perspective

Principle Perspective is the scholarly research journal of IPS providing readers with biblical analysis of major issues affecting society. Below are several of our past issues of Principle Perspective.


IPS essays provide deeper analysis and greater scholarship than commentaries. All essays are reviewed for factual accuracy by our research team. In addition, essays written by in-house staff are reviewed for both factual and analytical integrity by outside scholars who may include one or more members of our scholars council. Essays written by non IPS authors receive similar scrutiny from our in-house staff.

Book Reviews

Each book we promote and sell at IPS is carefully chosen because of its unique ability to communicate the views of our Founding Fathers. The educational potential of each of our books is tremendous, and we believe that if they are faithfully read, these important books can become stepping stones to educating and changing hearts and minds. Take a closer look at some of our books with reviews from IPS staff.