The Institute for Principle Studies exists to teach how biblical principles apply to government, economics, and history.

Specifically, this mission manifests itself in three core actions:

1. Combating relativism, authoritarianism, socialism and other philosophies that deny God and usurp individual liberty.

2. Educating, motivating, and activating society for responsible, informed action in the areas of government, public policy, and economics.

3. Encouraging individuals to work toward restoring American government to a role closer to that envisioned by our founding fathers.

Through these core actions, IPS works to transform society by encouraging the institutions of family government, church government, and civil government to carry out their God-ordained roles.

The Institute for Principle Studies grew from a grassroots effort in Modesto, California, in the early 1990’s.

A local church decided to revamp its outreaches by conducting a comprehensive evaluation of its ministries. A church-wide survey and dozens of member meetings produced a list of hundreds of suggestions for addressing unmet needs. The need for instruction on how to apply biblical principles to matters of government was one of the most frequently cited unmet needs in the church.

In response to these results, the church formed a team, which included Michael Winther, the future founder and current president of IPS, and tasked them with the objective of creating a course on the subject. After ample trial, the result was a course that taught the principles, philosophy, and purpose of government from a Christian perspective.

Interest in this course material soon spread beyond the original church, which sparked a new ministry. Thus, in 2005, Mike Winther officially founded the Institute for Principle Studies to carry this work forward.