Others Are Saying Great Things

Below is sampling of their comments


Others Are Saying Great Things

Below is sampling of their comments

"Our church has been pleased to host IPS for several events; and we look forward to continuing that partnership.  I urge you to consider scheduling IPS for your church in the upcoming months.  It will be time, effort, and energy well spent."

- Charlie Eldred, Pastor of Fairway Park Baptist Church

"A criticism of evangelicals has been that we are a mile wide but only an inch deep, but Mike offers the antidote of this rich application of Scripture to all realms of life and the fostering of a Christian worldview.  He begins us on that journey by applying it specifically to the realm of government."

- Dr. Ray Stamps, Pastor of Lone Hill Church

"...I was trying to think, with so much talk right now about the deconstruction of the Constitution, ignoring the Constitution, the imbalance and the balance of powers, who could I go to who would be an expert and I didn’t take long for Mike Winther to come to my mind…"

- Mike Douglass, President of Advancing Vibrant Communities

“[Biblical Principles of Government] challenged us to be biblically transformed by the renewing of the mind. Mike’s stories, anecdotes, and examples bring seemingly complex issues into biblical focus and clarity. Powerful, bold, and convicting!”

- Sherwin Heyboer, Government Teacher & Debate Coach at Ripon Christian Schools

"For 28 years, the Mackinac Center for Public Policy has conducted an annual series of debate workshops for high school students across the state of Michigan. This effort is our institution’s longest-running program and has served thousands of participants.

A vital component of our success has been the contribution of IPS and Mike Winther. "

- Michael Reitz, Executive Vice President of the Mackinac Center for Public Policy

"Your passion for teaching American history and government based on Biblical principles has infected us all. You have not only taught us God's Truth, but your have also given us an important perspective about our responsibilities as citizens of the United States, and motivated us to take action to honor these Truths!"

- Mark Calcagno, Executive Pastor of Cornerstone Fellowship

“We dig even deeper I would argue than the liberty movement in general because we’re focusing on the fundamentals, biblical truths that are really the foundation of liberty, and that’s where I see IPS going.”

- Colin Gunn, Writer/Producer/Documentary Filmmaker

 “…What I like about the Institute for Principle Studies is that you get practical answers because the answers are based on reality, the reality of creation.”

- Dr. Shawn Ritenour, Professor at Grove City College

"As a pastor who prizes principles over systems when it comes to the Church, I admire the commitment that IPS has to analyze issues, not from a pragmatic perspective, but from the perspective of God’s timeless Word. "

- Steve Walker, Pastor of Central Valley Presbyterian

“I admire and respect the work Mr. Winther and the Institute for Principle Studies do for the community. The seminars are informative, enlightening, and expands my appreciation and understanding of the principles I hold dear.”

- N.S., American Principles Institute

"Mike Winther's Constitution Class gave us a better understanding of the Constitution, its biblical roots and our founding fathers. The course kept introducing new information... I highly recommend the Institute for Principle Studies' classes to anyone who wants to become better informed about the Constitution and our history."

- Les Palocsay, Coordinator of Los Banos Tea Party

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