Guide to American Christian Education for the Home and School, A


James Rose defines the Principle Approach, presents the rudiments of America’s Christian history, government, and education, teaches how to 4-R a subject, expounds the Seven Principles, and shows how to apply the notebook methodology. Containing over 100 charts and diagrams, this classic curriculum guide to American Christian education teaches how to develop a practical, Biblically reasoned academic program from kindergarten through high school in over 10 subjects, from arithmetic to typing. Many Principle Approach educators contribute sections to this work.

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The Guide provides an in-depth, detailed and historical explanation of the Principle Approach and of “how to think governmentally” from a Biblical perspective. It breaks out the principles of America’s Christian history; provides direction in how to teach America’s Christian history and government; includes charts, diagrams, and a Biblical index to explain the Principle Approach and how to apply it in the Home, School-at-Home, and the School curriculum.


  • Explains the Biblical philosophy of education that formed the world’s first Christian Republic.
  • Contrasts child-centered and subject-centered education with The Principle Approach.
  • Identifies how to achieve academically two aspects of American Christian Constitutional government: the external goal of a limited, representative government and the internal goal of American Christian character.
  • Provides a method of determining the Biblical and historical basis of the fundamental principles of America’s Christian History.
  • Demonstrates how our efforts to think and act govern mentally in all areas of our lives reflect our educational philosophy.


  • Suggests how the Biblical principles of America’s Christian History are taught at home to form the character to maintain civil and religious liberty.
  • Records the aspirations and struggles of one family to establish a truly American Christian home.


  • Identifies what The Principle Approach has meant to home schooling parents in America.
  • Outlines how parent-teachers can put learning into a framework of Biblical principles and leading ideas.
  • Explains how to develop your own American Christian philosophy and curriculum at home with The Principle Approach and the help of Master Teachers.
  • Offers practical suggestions on how the same principles may be taught in every grade.


  • Teaches how to 4-R a subject and discover the principles that govern it.
  • Introduces some of America’s Master Teachers and how they took possession of a subject Biblically, historically, governmentally and academically with The Principle Approach.
  • Illustrates how to discern God’s Providence in a subject as it contributed to the History of Liberty.
  • Demonstrates a way to view the whole subject and to discover the unity of all subjects in the curriculum.
  • Outlines course goals, overviews and sample lesson for elementary and high school curriculum.