Is the U.S. Constitution relevant today?  

Should it be obeyed in light of its original intent or should we treat it as a “living, breathing” document?  

And does it even really matter?

These questions and more are addressed in the compact and insightful six-hour seminar taught by IPS President, Mike Winther, entitled, “Constitution Under Siege.”

The seminar began because most Americans (even conservatives and constitutionalists) are not properly prepared to defend the Constitution today.  First, many don’t know—let alone understand—what it says.  They will struggle to answer the person who claims that the “general welfare” clause grants Congress nearly unlimited additional power, or have a hard time explaining the proper meaning of the “necessary and proper” clause or the “interstate commerce” clause.

Second, many don’t understand the principles upon which the Constitution was built.  It is not enough to defend the original intent of the founders in the document they created; we must also be able to defend the foundations upon which the founder’s intent was based.

To remedy these issues, Mike presents some of the important principles of good government that influenced the thinking at the Constitutional Convention.   Mike covers constitutional questions about who should be the ultimate interpreter of the Constitution, the proper view of states’ rights, and many other current issues.  You definitely learn things that your government teacher never knew.

Mike also explains the concepts of enumerated powers and separation of powers and presents the biblical basis for these principles.  Participants learn how our thinking about creation often determines whether we interpret the Constitution based on original intent or as a “living breathing document.”  Mike then properly explains the frequently misunderstood constitutional “loopholes” such as the “general welfare clause” and the “necessary and proper” clause, and leaves participants walking away with the true understanding of the government America’s founding fathers intended to create.

This seminar has been taught nine times across California providing over 440 people with a solid understanding of the Constitution.  If you are interested in hosting this seminar near you, contact the IPS office for details and availability in booking Mike Winther to teach this seminar.

Student Comments:

“This is a great class for anyone who feels they are disenfranchised by the two political parties.  This material is for anyone that is eager to wake up politically and begin an honest pursuit of the Truth.” – J.C.

“I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to gain a greater understanding of the Biblical and Christian principles underlying our Constitution and liberty.” – M.S.

“Most everything you’ll learn about the Constitution is cursory and often incorrect. Everyone needs to actually understand what our country is founded on. The uninformed cannot help our struggling nation. Only those with a correct and in depth understanding can make beneficial reforms.” – E.H.