Abortion: Are We Making The Right Argument?

Abortion: Are We Making The Right Argument?

In reading “The World View in 5 Minutes”, I came across a headline saying “New Mexican Doctors Might Be Coerced into Killing Unborn Babies”.  Naturally, I read the short news piece and at the end there was an appeal to sign a petition against the house bill in New Mexico promoting this evil.  I followed the link because every small action helps.  However, upon arriving at the linked website, I was not encouraged.

Here is a snippet of the petition argument on the New Mexico Alliance for Life website:

I want to make clear that I am happy that the New Mexico Alliance for Life is taking a stand against this dastardly bill.  What I take issue with, however, is the basis of their counter argument.  The whole petition is based on relativism.  Notice the appeal to the majority under every heading.  What happens down the road when only 45% of New Mexico citizens are in opposition to abortion after 5 months?  Where is their counter argument then?  Democracy is unstable ground.

The New Mexico Alliance for Life needs to change their position from relativism and practicality to principles.  The petition should state: “Murder is wrong.  No exceptions.  Stand against New Mexico politicians trying to murder more babies in the womb.  Sign the petition.”  Then list verses in Scripture which clearly demonstrate that life begins at conception on top of the abhorrent evil of innocent bloodshed.  That’s a principled argument—and it does not change when public opinion changes.

To be fair to the New Mexico Alliance for Life, I did search their website and did not find any evidence of them being a faith-based organization.  With that being said, I can understand their appeal to democracy instead of truth.  For without the truths in Scripture, democracy is the only option left.  Let it be known though that if a nation lives by democracy, a nation dies by democracy.  You cannot leverage the hammer of the majority without, at the same time, being willing to be crushed by it.

Relevant Quote

It is an odd tyranny Americans suffer.  We have no words to describe the squishy dictatorship of the majority, or the satin chains we wrap around ourselves.  Alexis de Tocqueville saw it coming 200 years ago.  “I think,” he wrote, “that the species of oppression by which democratic nations are menaced is unlike anything the world has ever seen.”

William Bonner, from Financial Reckoning Day

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