Covid, Civil Authority & the Church

President’s Letter

As we turned our calendars from 2019 to 2020, who could have imagined what the new year was going to bring?  The outbreak of COVID-19 was certainly unexpected, but it was not the biggest surprise of the year—after all we have had contagious disease outbreaks before.  The greater surprise is the astonishing change in America’s view of rights and government that took place in a few short months.

Who could have imagined that federal, state and local governments in America would mandate the closure of millions of businesses; that it would be illegal for most of the country to go to work; that churches would be shut down; that those few churches who were allowed to meet would be prohibited from singing; that curfews would make it illegal to leave your home at certain times of the day; and that, when allowed to leave our homes, it would be against the law to go anywhere except those locations deemed “essential” by the state?

Meanwhile, the elected leaders who imposed these draconian rules hypocritically violate them with impunity.

While Californian’s hair salons were closed, California Congresswoman and Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is photographed having her hair done in a San Francisco salon.  While the state has travel restrictions, a group of California legislators take a Hawaiian “business trip” to have some meetings in paradise.  Few political figures have imposed more restrictions on his state than California Governor Gavin Newsom.  While most restaurants in the state were closed and citizens were being told to limit their Thanksgiving guests to no more than three households, he is found to have been part of a multi-household party of 12 who dined, without masks and without social distancing, in an enclosed space at a posh California restaurant.  Similar examples are abundant all across the nation.

America, we have a problem!

This issue of Principle Perspective will attempt to answer a number of critical questions like: “What is the proper role of government in a pandemic?” and “What does the Bible teach about submission to the civil authorities?”

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