Obamacare: A Constitutional Analysis

Obamacare: A Constitutional Analysis

In 2012, IPS commented on the 5-4 Supreme Court decision in which the Affordable Care Act was upheld. Those words of the past are eerily relevant to today’s decision that once again upholds socialized medicine in America. Below is our article from 2012 on the previous Court decision.

Supreme Court decision: What did we expect?

When did we lose this battle? We lost it 44 years ago when we allowed government to force us to purchase health care in the Medicare Act. We lost the battle when George Bush passed the prescription drug program in 2003. We lost the battle when we turned our children over to government schools to be taught relativism, socialism and statism. We lost the battle when “social studies” replaced government and civics as classroom subjects.

We lost the battle when America’s churches and pastors ceased to teach and preach the biblical standards for civil government. We lost the battle when we began to accept the idea that we must vote for the lesser of evils on Election Day.

We are reaping what we have sown. What can save us from dictatorial government? Not the Supreme Court, not presidential candidates, not “conservative” lobbyists, and not relativist conservative think-tanks. The only thing that can save us from oppressive government is to return to principled thinking and to change the hearts and minds of American citizens and American institutions.

The battle we fight today against socialized medicine and government control will not be won easily through a Supreme Court decision. This fight will only be won by changing the hearts and minds of your fellow Americans. We have said it before and we will say it again folks. What did we expect?

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