Giants in the Land

Are you discouraged? Are you afraid? Does it feel like society is aligning against your values? Traditional media, social media, public schools, politicians, and “woke” corporations are allied together against Christianity and liberty. There are giants in the land.

Tune in as IPS President, Mike Winther, gives a motivational “senior send-off” speech to Stoa members at Union University in Jackson, Tennessee. With 1,000+ parents and students in attendance, Mike looks to Scripture for encouragement and principles to help us fight against our modern-day giants.

Stoa is a nation-wide Christian homeschool speech and debate league. Mike and his wife, Mary, have co-taught a local club called, Modesto Debate, since 1999. Beginning in summer of 2017, Mike was elected as a Stoa board member to serve a four year term. This is his final speech as an active board member.

If you’re interested in learning more, visit the Modesto Debate information page or the Stoa website.