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Government, Economics, and History

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IPS is asking and answering the hard questions about what the proper role of government is and what it isn’t.

Learn how IPS is communicating this message and what it’s doing to revive civic understanding among the people.

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Principle Approach

IPS addresses the ethical component first and foremost when evaluating government affairs and public policies.

Peruse our assortment of articles, audio, books, and videos to learn more about principles relating to government.

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Working Together

Lone rangers don’t change the world; it takes a team.  We’re laboring to reform our country based on truth. Want to join in?

The main forms of involvement, include: financial partnership, volunteering, and collaboration, just to name a few.

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Biblical Principles of Government

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About The Series

The Institute for Principle Studies' flagship class can now be seen in your own home, church, school, or social gathering!

In this insightful yet challenging series, IPS President, Mike Winther, walks viewers through answering one fundamental question:

"What is the proper role of government?"

If you're puzzled at the importance of this question, then you're in one worldview-shifting and paradigm-shattering ride! Because the answer to this question impacts the very fabric of society and your well-being.

Pick up this one-of-a-kind DVD series today and gain the vision, passion, and knowledge for becoming a world-changer for Christ! 

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