2016 Annual Report

This annual report highlights just a few of our efforts during the past year to clearly present the biblical case for the proper role of government.  To all who contributed to our work, thank you!  We hope you are encouraged by the fruit of our labor.  We believe and expect that we are igniting the candles whose flames will, over the coming decades, enlighten the world.

President’s Message

Another presidential election has come and gone…

…and the cycle continues. Republicans and Democrats battle for control of the Capital and the White House, but regardless of which political party is in power, America continues its decline. At its best, even the “Reagan revolution” provided only a temporary slowing of our nation’s decent toward socialism. With each passing decade our candidates and political parties continue to move in the wrong direction.

Why is it that atheism, relativism, and socialism continue to gain favor with growing numbers of our citizens regardless of who is in the White House? Even those of us who labor against these evils are often unknowingly drawn toward these vain philosophies.