2017 Insider Briefing

This mid-year report highlights a few efforts of the Institute for Principle Studies to clearly present the biblical case for the proper role of government. 

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President’s Letter

It is no secret that an army of people are diligently working to advance atheism and socialism throughout the world—especially right here in America. This force includes think-tanks, policy organizations, media, educators, and, yes, even “community organizers.”

Most of these advocates of dangerous ideas are paid for their work. Their salaries come from wealthy entrepreneurs, radical non-profit organizations, and …yes… taxpayers.

Yes, there are battlegrounds of ideas throughout our land and the spoils of victory include the hearts and minds of every person on the planet—and this includes our children and grandchildren. Our philosophical adversaries are fielding a well-trained, wellequipped, and well-directed force. They have soldiers on every battleground. They have every advantage—except one.

They lack the most important weapon: truth. This is the weapon that they will never have.