Principle Perspective is the scholarly research journal of IPS providing readers with biblical analysis of major issues affecting society.

As indicated in the name, this journal goes beyond practicality.  This publication deals with raising the principle of the issue first, then addressing the practical application.

Beginning in 2009, Principle Perspective has analyzed a wide-array of public policy issues, including:

  • Health Care
  • Taxation
  • War and Foreign Policy
  • Unions and Collective Bargaining
  • Negative Interest Rates
  • Rights
  • Political Strategy

Approximately 2,000 households receive this publication and the number continues to grow.  Principle Perspective has been used by teachers and pastors as they prepare their messages, and it has even been referenced on nationally syndicated radio programs like Kirby Anderson’s “Point of View.”

Contributors to Principle Perspective have included:

  • Mike Winther, President of IPS
  • Mary Theroux, Senior Vice President of the Independent Institute
  • Dr. Shawn Ritenour, Professor of Economics at Grove City College
  • David Noebel, former director of Summit Ministries
  • Dr. Marshall Foster, Founder of the World History Institute
  • Dr. Art Carden, Assistant Professor of Economics at Samford University

Principle Perspective is distributed to all Continuous Support Circle donors and to those who contribute $50 or more per year to the work of IPS.  Temporary complementary issues are often provided free of charge to those who attend an IPS-sponsored class or seminar.

For permission to republish any content from Principle Perspective, please contact the IPS office at (209) 575-2005.

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